Some Hafei Part Suppliers

A quick search on the web will reveal many stores offering parts for Hafei cars – unfortunately, one often discovers upon receiving delivery that parts don’t fit and are of inferior quality.

Many parts of the Hafei Lobo/Naza Forza are standard, so if one knows the exact dimensions, one can find replacements at local automotive supply stores (oil filter, wheel bearings, fuses, temerature gage, brake pads, belts) one does not always need to order from China!

Shipping tends to be as expensive – or even more expensive than the parts itself, so one needs to do good research when ordering. It can be disappointing when one needs to throw away the entire delivery after spending considerable amount of money!

Many sure to check with the vendor whether the part is compatible with your engine (Hafei Lobo comes with 1.0L and 1.1L engine,  Also make sure the part number is identical (see Hafei Factory parts manual), arrange for shipping with a Chinese shipping agent of your choice, We suggest the shipping agent send you a picture of the item before shipping, so you can examine the item. Also make sure the customs declaration is attached to your package and accurate in order to avoid problems when importing the item.

In general, parts are fairly inexpensive – but shipping often doubles the final cost !

If you needa  recommendation for ordering particular parts, please use the contact form and or visit the forum!

Good luck!