Naza Forza/Hafei Lobo – Specifications

Engine, Transmission, Suspension:
Displacement 1075 ccm
Engine type: DOHC, multi-point EFI, 16 valves
Transmission: five speed manual
Max. power: 48kw @ 5700 rpm
Steering: power assisted rack & pinion
Suspension front: McPherson struts
Suspension back: torsion beam, trailing arm

Length     3,633mm
Width     1,563mm
Height     1,533mm
Wheel Base     2,355mm
Front Track     1,360mm
Rear Track     1,355mm

Electrical System
Headlamps     reflective lens Halogen
Alternator     12V 65A
Battery     NS60L (45 Amp/H) – Dimension: L=237mm x W=128mm x H=222mm

The following information may help Naza Forza owners. Naza Forza and Hafei Lobo part are not 100% interchangeable. No claims to accuracy are made. Make sure to check your manual, as other specifications may apply.

Tire Size: 165/55 R14 73S, or 155/65 R14 73S
Tire Pressure:  Front: 28 PSI, Rear 26 PSI
Engine Oil: SAE 10W-30  (SM grade),  Quantity: 3.0 Liter
Brake Fluid: DOT 3
Transmission Oil:  80w-90/ GL-4  (Quantity: 2.1 Liter)
Spark Plugs: NGK – DCPR7E, Denso XU20EPR-U

If your Naza Forza 1.1L is based on the Hafei engine DA468Q, the following belts are used: Alternator/ Water pump/ Power steering:  5PK1020, 4PK835

Other parts:
Wheel (rear) bearings (outer/inner) :   6205-2RS/P6  and 6204-2RS/P6
I recommend quality Koyo or NSK brands!

Wheel (front) bearing:
Koyo 356240 (DAC3562W-1)

(35mm -inside diameter x 62 mm -outside diameter x 40 mm with) )
NSK: DAC350620040 (35*62*40)


Hafei Lobo Wiring

Electrical Wiring Diagram for Hafei Lobo  (465Q engine), not necessarily identical to Naza Forza, but likely so! Use at your own risk!








Parts Suppliers for Hafei Lobo / Naza Forza

Many parts can be found at
it is best to use Chrome browser, as it translates instantly between Chinese and your desired language! Use the Chinese search term  哈飛路寶 “Hafei Lu bao” when searching for parts and make sure parts are compatible with the 468Q engine model – which is the Naza Forza equivalent. As taobao only ships in China, you need a intermediary company. Many websites offer to handle the logistics for you and i can recommend some if needed.

If you cannot find a part needed for your Hafei Lobo or Naza Forza, we can assist you in ordering  the matching part.

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    After 6 month after they repaired my sutera, its still problem the engine and all the problem still occured so i call Naza Corp and i was so surprise that my case had been closed because they just simply think that i shut my mouth so that the car is ok. But all the parts which need to be change still not available..from october last year untill now so i really mad and call the careline in Naza Corp and ask is it the way they threat their clients when facing the problem.

    1. admin1 Post author

      Dont waste your time with Naza Corp!!! Order from China, all parts readily available for Hafei Lobo/Naza Forza 🙂

    2. admin1 Post author

      Yes, I also called Naza Corp…completely hopeless to get any parts /service for Naza Forza! I order everything from problem at all, as the Naza Forza is pretty much 100% identical and is a copy of the Hafei Lobo 🙂 Just make sure you orde parts for the 468Q engine!

    3. admin1 Post author

      Hi Naza driver, Check this website for finding parts suppliers in China! Make sure to specify the 468Q engine (Hafei Lobo) when you order, as the the identical Hafei Lobo car came with various engines sizes. Then get a skilled mechanic locally and get it fixed! I also wasted more than about an hour (2 phone calls) to Naza Corp. They do not support their own Naza Forza!
      Good Luck to you!

  2. kobus

    For a 2008 hafei lobo 1.1i comfort I want to know what shocks (front and rear) brand and part numbers and stabilizer rubbers part numbers please and where can I buy it. I am from kemptonpark,johannesburg,south africa

    1. admin1 Post author

      sorry for responding late!
      I will research the part numbers and will get back to you!

  3. watcharaphol

    my’s car(naza forza) have some engine problems!!
    1)when the engine was hoted , idle speed(rpm droped) from 1000 800-900 rpm.
    2)some time when on switch A/C on the panel , idle speed was swing from 800 – 1100 rpm.
    *for problems 1 & 2, we already cleaned but the boths problems was not clear., so we would like to know the ISC order and vendor if we need to order one.

  4. watcharaphol

    including problems!!
    3)petrol leaked from tube that supplied fuel into injection system./and petrol inlet tube (that supplied to fuel tank).
    4)what’s no.of oil & petrol filters?

    1. admin1 Post author

      สวัสดี Khun Watcharaphol,

      Oil Filter: 90915-YZZE1 (about 80 บาท)
      I have not changed my petrol filter so i don’t know 🙂


      โชคดี !

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