Thai Language schools in Bangkok

For those seeking Thai language instruction in Bangkok, the choices are manifold and deciding on the right program can be difficult. One really needs to be clear about one´s intentions before enrolling. (Copyright, 2014, All right reserved). Some schools clearly appeal to those who primarily seek to obtain a student visa that allows them to stay in Thailand and the respective curriculum may only involve about 4 hours live instruction weekly. As can be expected, students in those schools are not really after intensive instruction and those with more serious intentions may be disappointed.

Another set of languages schools prepare students for the Thai Ministry Examination Level 6 for foreigners seeking employment in Thailand. The schools catering to those ambitions attract highly motivated, primarily Asian students, many from Korea and Japan. Western students may feel a bit excluded, so before enrolling it makes sense to visit a prospective school a few times to get a sense of their student body. One is well advised to also visit the class rooms. While the reception area may be appealing, otherwise you might end up in a small, stuffy room without daylight or air con – not the best condition for studying. The Times Square Building on Sukhumvit, close to the Asok BTS Skytrain station, seems to have become somewhat of a hub for language schools and about four schools make it their home.

For those seeking intensive instruction in Thai and are able and willing to spend 4 hours daily in a classroom, Union Language School, the “mother of all Thai language schools” in Bangkok, may be the place to go. Many other schools pretty much “adopted” (!) their materials and approach and many former teachers of Union went on to found their own schools (among them Unity Language School in the Times Square bldg. near Asok station). Union has been around for perhaps 30 years and was originally founded to teach missionaries, but is open to all other students as well. In fact, church members are in the minority now, and to assure those afraid of indoctrination, no attempts are made to involve students in church activities. Many academics, business people, embassy staff, and members of NGOs attend Union. The program consists of 6 levels – each can be completed in about one month (about 80 – 100 hours each level). As the school is church-affiliated, their tuition fees are comparatively low, but it must be stressed, that a high motivation and resilience is required. Daily homework and exams are part of the curriculum. When the author of this post attended, quite a few individuals dropped out in the course of the class. For some reason, Union does not maintain its own website – perhaps because there is plenty of word of mouth recommendation. They can easily be found by taking the BTS (Skytrain) to the Ratjchatewi station. The friendly information desk at the BTS station will point you the way to the school that is located in a very pleasant setting. Classrooms are bright and spacious.

Union Language School
328 The Church Of Christ In Thailand Bldg. 7th Fl.
Payathai Rd.Rajchatewi,
Bangkok 10400
Tel: 0-2214-6033/4

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