Khun Sakda – Exellent independent Mechanic near Pattaya

If you are seeking a skilled, independent mechanic who does excellent work and doesn’t employ the ubiquitous “dual pricing” system, I can recommend Khun Sakda who can be reached at 081 715 6819. He has done consistently excellent work at very reasonable rates. He doesnt speak English, but knows the common parts in English. He will happily work on older and or exotic cars that large shops don’t want to touch.



His shop that is close to “Nong Pla Lai” Road, about 1.5 km from “Wat Nong Keht Yai” – Follow this google maps link to find the Wat:

After you made arrangements with him to meet, the easiest way is to drive to the entrance of “Wat Nong Keht Yai” and call Khun Sakda. He will meet you there 10 minutes later and you can follow him to his garage. (The shop is difficult to find for the first or second time, so this arrangement works best).



Directions on how to drive to “Wat Nong Keht Yai” from the Sukhumvit/North Pattaya Road intersection:

– From the Sukhumvit/North Pattaya Road intersection, drive north 7.8 km on Hwy 3 (Sukhumvit)
– Turn right into “Nong Pla Lai” Road.
– Continue on “Nong Pla Yai” Road for 2.1 km until you arrive at “Wat Nong Keht Yai’

– Park you car outside the Wat along the main road and call Khun Sakda.