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Why Expats need  VPN – Virtual Private Network

Secure your internet connection. Surfing the web and sharing personal information over public and private WiFi is risky because there are security holes between your device and the websites you access. Protect yourself when using internet hotspots, as all internet traffic is encrypted.

  • Bypass Geographical blocks. VPN gives you access country specific services when abroad! Using our services you will look like you’re from either the UK or US.
  • Unblock your internet! Using VPN allows access to blocked websites, whether blocked by your company, ISP or country. i.e. Facebook, Skype.
  • Anonymously browse the internet. VPN hides your public IP address in order to protect your privacy, as your IP is replaced by the one provided by the VPN.

A quick search of VPN providers will result in 100s of companies offering their services. Choose the company that actually developed the software code for OpenVPN and doesn’t charge by the month, like most do, but by volume that doesn’t expire. For as little as USD 20, you get plenty of volume (200 GB) that never expires to meet almost anybody’s. On top of that, a free trial with 100MB of traffic is available! Follow this link for details!

Ordering Nutritional Supplements

Most expats living in Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia quickly notice, that the cost of quality nutritional products can typically be 50% higher than those sold in the US – and on top of it, the selection is quite limited and the quality can be questionable. Many individuals assume that ordering directly for their own consumption would involve cumbersome customs procedures. In fact, small orders (USD 50-60) for private consumption are typically exempt, especially when shipping occurs with AIRMAIL – not courier companies which may tripper paperwork and taxes. Shipping typically takes about 2-3 weeks, and I never experienced any issues with receiving my orders. Iherb, Inc.  is one of the largest mail-order companies in the US and offers the best selection are the best rates. I highly recommend them. And yes, by following this link, I will benefit from your order by being credited a small amount. 🙂

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